Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ten Commandments of Soldering by Weller

I. Thou shall not remove tip from soldering iron when power is "On". 
Causes heating element to rise in temperature to approximately 1300 F resulting in thermal shock and reduced heater life.
II. Thou shall maintain a damp (NOT drenched) iron sponge (preferably with de-ionized  water). 

A drenched sponge will bring the temperature of the tip down too drastically, causing thermal shock and reduced tip life.
III. Thou shall not disconnect soldering iron from base unit when power is turned "On". 

Disconnecting or reconnecting the soldering tool from the base unit with power applied may cause a short between non-compatible pins resulting in damage to the base unit or pencil.
IV. Thou shall maintain a coating of solder on working area of soldering iron tip. 

Protects the tip from oxidation.
V. Thou shall never drop soldering iron while heated. 

Dropping the soldering tool while heated may cause thermal/mechanical shock to the heater, sensor, or tip (fractured plating).
VI. Thou shall not throw soldering iron into soldering tool stand. 

See Commandment V.
VII. Never use soldering iron  as a crowbar or pry tool.  

Could chip or pit finish on tip rendering it useless.
VIII. Using sharp or serrated objects to remove tip from soldering iron is forbidden. 

See Commandment VII.
IX. Honor thy "KGB" (Known Good Base).  

Do not plug a non-working soldering iron into a KGB. Could cause damage to the base.
X.  Thou shall  turn station down to lowest setting during daily usage when not being used.   

Turning the station down during non use periods will prevent severe thermal cycling of the tool.  However, tools not being used for extended periods of time should not be left on indefinitely.

- Weller

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