Tuesday, July 31, 2012

MENDA Pump New ESD Safe Bottles


We recently updated our MENDA PUMP Inventory. 
These bottles make it easy to identify various chemicals on the workstation

A bit about them: HDPE durAstatic bottles are designed to protect your valuable static sensitive printed circuitry
No migratory additives - reduces the change for contamination from the bottle
Embossed with ESD protective symbol
Long lasting dissipative properies
Genuine Made in the United States of America
Available in Yellow, Green, Orange, Blue

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Friday, July 27, 2012

JBC Tools T210-A (and PA120-A) Soldering Handpieces Compared to Other Tools

Earlier we mentioned a new great find we found: EEVblog.
Jahonen, a user of this forum has written up a detailed post comparing the JBC T210-A handpiece to other soldering tools.
While we are a distributor of all three, we thought it was a great idea to provide the curious user information in terms of how these soldering handpieces compare visually.

JBC Tools T210-A vs Weller WSP80

JBC Tools T210-A vs Metcal SP200

JBC Tools T210-A vs Weller TCP

JBC Tools PA-120A.  In terms of the JBC precision micro tweezers are concerned, a user reported that they believe the JBC PA-120A are of a proper size for 0603/0402 components (but also seem to work for larger components by changing the suitable cartridges.  Additionally, they are lite weight rather than many clunkier comparisons.  With the PA-120A tasks difficult tasks become a breeze.

JBC Tools CD-1BB, T210-A, PA120-A Customer Reviews

While searching ourselves on Google today we came across a really interesting Electronics Blog.  Not only that, but customers were talking about JBC Tools.  After reading several posts, we found a member who recently purchased the JBC CD-1BB soldering station from us.  He certainly seems to be a big fan of the product.  

Here is his post:

Robrenz Re: JBC T210-A (and PA120-A) Handpiece Compared to Some Other Tools
"I have the JBC CD-1BB compact station it was $390.00 US http://www.janelonline.com/product-p/jbc-tools-cd-1bb.htm  It has the 245 handle which is still light as a large pen. I is truly a dream to solder with. It has the same or better thermal response as a Metcal but totaly adjustable temperature. Heatup time from cold is rediculously fast. and tip change takes about 3 seconds and you never touch the tip. I personaly would not worry about a two output unit. there are plenty of very small tips for the 245 handle that will allow you to do the small work but then you can just stick a heavy tip in when necessary and have 130 watts of instantaneous power at your disposal.

Check out this video of mine using the very wide tip on the 245 handle. The temperature setting on that tip is only 260 C to not shift the resistance of the resistors from overheating. No other iron has the thermal response necessary to solder that much area that fast at so low of a temperature.  You will never be the same after JBC ;D ;D ;D 

Other users Commented:

Zaoka Re: JBC T210-A (and PA120-A) handpiece compared to some other tools
"I have AD4300 and AD2700, JBC is way ahead of all stations that I had a chance to use."

Grenert Re: JBC T210-A (and PA120-A) handpiece compared to some other tools
"If I didn't already have to much invested in Metcal tips, I would definately be tempted to buy the JBC."

Jahonen JBC T210-A (and PA120-A) handpiece compared to some other tools
"For my work, having a normal iron and tweezers is a must, since I often must lift and swap SMD components back and forth during prototype testing along with normal soldering tasks. Those PA120-A's had no problem with components attached to ground planes of a multilayer board, and I tried some very hefty PCB's (although not with particularly thick copper but thick enough to cause problems with wimpy soldering tools), too.  I think I have my mind "poisoned" already from that JBC experience :P "

Robrenz responds to Jahonen:
"Like I said, You will never be the same after JBC ;D "

To check out this entire blog thread have a look here.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

JBC Tools New Product for NAST-1A NANO

       Janel likes to keep our customers informed which is why we want to show you the latest
       product from JBC.

       As of last week, JBC recently released the NEW adaptable NANO Sleeve.  This item works
       with the NP105-A NANO Tweezers an allows the user to have greater control over the tool
       while soldering.

        The JBC Nano Sleeve is ESD safe and are made of a soft, non-slip material.  They offer a
        pleasant grip that facilitates the handling of any small microscopic SMD component.  The
        aim is to optimize the functionality of the tool by improving it's ergonomics: an intrinsic
        property of all JBC Tools products.

        This item can be purchased separately from the NP105-A NANO Tweezers.  It will work
        great with the JBC NAST-1A or NAST-2A Soldering Stations (as the NP105-A belongs
        to this soldering station).  For further information check out N1783 NP105-A at Janel.
        Online shopping will become available very soon.

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