Tuesday, July 24, 2012

JBC Tools New Product for NAST-1A NANO

       Janel likes to keep our customers informed which is why we want to show you the latest
       product from JBC.

       As of last week, JBC recently released the NEW adaptable NANO Sleeve.  This item works
       with the NP105-A NANO Tweezers an allows the user to have greater control over the tool
       while soldering.

        The JBC Nano Sleeve is ESD safe and are made of a soft, non-slip material.  They offer a
        pleasant grip that facilitates the handling of any small microscopic SMD component.  The
        aim is to optimize the functionality of the tool by improving it's ergonomics: an intrinsic
        property of all JBC Tools products.

        This item can be purchased separately from the NP105-A NANO Tweezers.  It will work
        great with the JBC NAST-1A or NAST-2A Soldering Stations (as the NP105-A belongs
        to this soldering station).  For further information check out N1783 NP105-A at Janel.
        Online shopping will become available very soon.

        Janel Online is proud to be an authorized distributor of JBC Tools for over 12 years.
        If you have any questions, visit us and ask let us know!

        - The Janel Online Team

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