Friday, July 27, 2012

JBC Tools T210-A (and PA120-A) Soldering Handpieces Compared to Other Tools

Earlier we mentioned a new great find we found: EEVblog.
Jahonen, a user of this forum has written up a detailed post comparing the JBC T210-A handpiece to other soldering tools.
While we are a distributor of all three, we thought it was a great idea to provide the curious user information in terms of how these soldering handpieces compare visually.

JBC Tools T210-A vs Weller WSP80

JBC Tools T210-A vs Metcal SP200

JBC Tools T210-A vs Weller TCP

JBC Tools PA-120A.  In terms of the JBC precision micro tweezers are concerned, a user reported that they believe the JBC PA-120A are of a proper size for 0603/0402 components (but also seem to work for larger components by changing the suitable cartridges.  Additionally, they are lite weight rather than many clunkier comparisons.  With the PA-120A tasks difficult tasks become a breeze.

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