Monday, August 13, 2012

What to Look For in a Soldering/Desoldering Station

A soldering or desoldering station is an investment and the decision to purchase one (or a few) should be made thoughtfully. With the variety of soldering stations out there, make sure you’re getting the right one for your money.
Read our top 10 attributes to look for in a soldering/desoldering station:
  1. Reliable Brands: Probably one of the most important features to a soldering or desoldering station, it’s important to choose a high quality manufacturer. Among others, a few of the most premier brands in the solder industry include JBC Tools, Weller and Kester. Picking quality brands where it matters gives you the perk of superior customer support, trusted materials and manufacturing, longevity of solder tools life and the versatility to interchange solder irons and other supplies within your station seamlessly.
  2. Control Units: If you’re working with electronics with a high temperature requirement for soldering, you’ll need a control unit to help keep the heat under control. With a control unit, you can monitor the heat of the soldering iron tip ensuring that you keep the temperature at the level you want and get the best results.
  3. Soldering Handpiece (if needed) : Depending on what you already own in shop and your soldering goals, you may need a handpiece. Certain soldering systems are flexible enough to allow you to interchange and use a variety of handpiece options to help achieve those close soldering blends.
  4. Desoldering Iron (if needed): At your soldering (or desoldering) station, you may want to remove solder. For desoldering, you’ll need a desoldering iron and not all systems are equipped with a desoldering iron; if this is a need of yours, look for a solder station that includes a desoldering iron.
  5. Handpiece Stand
  6. Desoldering Iron Stand
  7. Soldering & Desoldering Tips: To achieve really small or heavy duty applications, a variety of solder tips will be needed. If you don’t have the tips in house, search for a solder system that includes a well-rounded selection of small and large tips.
  8. Safety Features: As with any soldering equipment purchase, you want to ensure the equipment includes a variety of safety features , including being ESD safe, temperature control, a station lock and even a tip cleaning stand to ensure proper solder clean up.
  9. Versatility: When choosing a trusted brand like JBC Tools for your solder station, you have the added benefit of versatility. Many of the soldering equipment can be interchangeable, allowing you for the biggest range of solder applications.
  10. And if you’re really fortunate…
  11. Trial program:A demo program, like the JBC 30 day trial offered for soldering stations sold on Janel Online, allows you to experience the system first hand and see the benefits. We’re so confident in our solder systems that we’re certain once you try it out, you won’t want to return them.
The soldering stations featured at Janel Online have quick tip changing capabilities; you can change a tip while being hands-free, a big safety plus!

Check out one of our JBC soldering stations in action:

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