Friday, September 7, 2012

Updated Precision Assembly Tweezer Line

Breaking news straight to our blog! is currently in the process of updating our independent, high-quality assembly tweezer line to continue to improve our hand and assembly tool offerings for our customers. Nevertheless, now is time to check out our growing catalog of tweezers from some of the most trusted industry brands. Janel Online’s online tweezer store touts a massive inventory of tweezers, including Erem, Excelta and Xcelite assembly tweezers.

Browse our most popular products like the Erem AM – Semi-Fine Brass, Swiss Made Tweezers for just $14.20 per set or the Excelta 0 – Three Star 4.75 inch Strong Tip Electronic Style Tweezer for only $34.58 per set. That’s $5.43 off the original manufacturer price of $40.01! You can also find economical grade tweezer kits, like the 5 piece Excelta Tweezer Kit or the 10 piece kit.

Finding the right set of tools in our online store couldn’t be easier. Search by product name, brand or price range to find the most reliable economy grade tweezers, European grade tweezers and Swiss grade tweezers all within our one-stop shopping portal.

Since tweezers are essentially extensions of our fingers for the purpose of grabbing, holding and moving smaller (and oftentimes fragile) objects, there are many different types of tweezers created for the items they are meant to handle. carries many different types in their inventory including semi fine, fine precision, anti-magnetic, soft tip, wire-cutting and stripping, flush cutting, extraction tweezers, ESD tweezers and much more.

In addition to selecting the proper body shape, when choosing the proper tweezer for the job, you must also take into account the different tweezer tips available to you. There are three tweezer tip designations:

  • Biology – Have the smallest, sharpest points on the tips which are generally twice as thin as those on regular tweezers.
  • High Precision – Sometimes referred to as “Standard Tips.” These are generally used for assembly of items like watches and jewelry under a microscope, but are not as sharp or small as Biology tips.
  • Electronic – Sometimes referred to as “Industrial Tips.” These are thickest and (usually) least expensive tips of the three designations. They are used for non-precision work.

Don’t forget: for every purchase over $399 Janel Online is currently running a free ground shipping promotion. Simply use the purchase code “OVER399” at checkout to take advantage of this limited time offer. You can learn about many more Janel promotions by visiting our promotions page.

Need to test various component types like Dissipation Factor and Quality Factor? Janel Online also carries hand held LCR meters like the Excelta TM-500 – Rechargeable Intellitweez Meter for only $304.63. That’s a savings of $24.37 off the original manufacturer price ($329).

If you’re having trouble finding the hand and assembly tools you need in our online store, give us a call, toll-free at 1-800-782-4487 or chat online with one of our qualified representatives. The process is quick and painless.

About Janel:

An authorized distributor of Erem, Excelta, JBC Soldering Tools, and Xcelite, Janel, Inc. was incorporated in New Jersey in 1963 to provide soldering solutions. Janel now distributes over 140 manufacturer brands to customers around the world, including top names in the soldering industry like JBC Tools and Kester.

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