Thursday, November 15, 2012

RMST-1A and RMST-2A Soldering Kits

Micro soldering technologies have improved dramatically over recent years, providing users with new, easy-to-use and inclusive means of soldering. There are a myriad of different nano soldering irons and kits available on the market, and it can be hard to determine which is best for you. Some kits are best for hot air soldering, while others are designed for what is called digital soldering – a new, highly advanced technique being used in the creation of the latest nano computer and smartphone technologies as well as medical technologies.
There are two affordable, all-inclusive kits available on the market today that are often considered the best choice for those customers looking for a well-made micro soldering station. They are the JBC Soldering Tools RMST 1A and 2A Premium Series Rework Station Kits. They are identical with the exception that the 1A is 120V and for use in the USA only while the 2A is 230V and for use in Europe.

About the RMST-1A and RMST-2A Rework Station kits

These kits are designed with JBC’s Advanced system and contain all the necessary equipment for in-depth micro or nano soldering. The entire RMST kit includes a 120V/230V station, a high power hot air control unit, tool control unit, electronic suction module, stands, desoldering irons, soldering handpiece, two desoldering tips, a cartridge for the T245 handpiece and a tip cleaning system stand. Additionally, the kit is designed to work with other compatible JBC micro soldering instruments, making it a great addition for anyone who already has a partial set of micro-assembly tools.
Perfect for moderate-to-advanced soldering, the RMST 1A and 2A kits are quick to set up and easy to use, providing a safe and effective experience during the precision electronic assembly process. The kits also boast an advanced cooling system leading to longer product-lives for the microchips and other items assembled on the station.
For soldering projects involving printed circuit boards, the RMST 1A and 2A include a JT high power hot air soldering station and related accessories to make these specialized jobs easier to complete. The accessories include a heater stand, an extractor stand with extractors and tripods. All these accessories can fit in the useful drawers attached to the station.
These two kits provide everything one needs for high quality advanced soldering and desoldering tasks. These are inclusive kits made by JBC – a leading manufacturer in the micro assembly industry – and are made from the highest quality materials utilizing the most advanced technologies available today. Whether working with hot air soldering techniques or the more advanced digital soldering methods, these kits are designed for advanced projects that require the utmost precision and fine tuning.

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