Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Introducing the New and Improved JBC CD-1BB Soldering Station!

JBC Soldering Co., a leading manufacturer in Soldering, Desoldering, and Rework stations has recently released new models for all of their Compact Soldering Stations.

Compact models previously known as the “B” version have been replaced by the new and improved “C” models.

As a reference, JBC Compact Soldering Stations are now known as the following part numbers:

CD-B General Station for Electric Applications – CD-1BC, CD-2BC

CD-S Precision Station for Electronic Applications – CD-1SC, CD-2SC

CS Electrical Desoldering  Station for Precision Applications – CS-1C, CS-2C

CV Pneumatic Desoldering Station for Precision Applications – CV-1C, CV-2C

CP Micro Rework Soldering and Desoldering Station – CP-1C, CP-2C

CF Solder Feed Station for Intensive Soldering Jobs – CF-1C, CF-2C

All new compact models listed above, now feature a USB (type B) connector.  With the USB connector, users can take advantage of the new enhanced features that will make any soldering technicians job easier.  The new capabilities with the USB connector include the following:

 Updated Station Software
User Generated Graphing Capabilities
User Generated Management Parameter Functions via PC 

To shop these NEW compact soldering stations, visit our JBC Tools Compact Soldering Station Page today!

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