Thursday, March 7, 2013

Janel: Focused Distributor of Desco ESD Products

With so many choices of where to buy industrial products, the decision often simply comes down to just price and availability. But, if you have ever been tasked with having to buy industrial supplies online you probably know that price and availability do not always go hand-in-hand. Sometimes companies that strive to be a low cost provider of products fall short when it comes to actually having the products in stock that you are trying to buy. There is nothing more frustrating than comparison shopping online, finding a good price for the products you need and then being told afterward that you will have to wait to get them because they are out of stock or backordered. On the other hand, even if a product is in stock, that alone will not sell the product. With today’s increasingly savvy and frugal customer base even the best prepared company can lose a sale when there is a cheaper price to be found somewhere else. In short, “Can I find this same product cheaper somewhere else?” and “Do they actually have the product in stock?” are two questions biggest questions that consumers ask themselves when shopping for industrial products.

Desco ESD Products
These areas are where Janel sets themselves apart from the competition. As a focused distributor of Desco products, Janel Online is able to offer more competitive pricing than other distributors, and customers can also be guaranteed that if there is a Desco product listed at, it will always be available and never out of stock. Even if the product is not physically in the Janel warehouse at the time of purchase, the order will be shipped directly from Desco via, at no additional cost to the customer. Between the low prices and dependable access to thousands of Desco products, is truly the best place to purchase Desco products. is a proud distributor of these fine Desco ESD products:

Desco ESD mats

ESD mats are sturdy and designed for use in high-traffic areas. Once grounded, Desco ESD mats help dissipate static electricity buildup and work in tandem with heel straps worn by personnel.

Desco Statfree CV280 RoHS Mat Material

Desco’s Statfree CV280 mat is a great new product being offered on It provides a surface that does not generate a static charge and will act as part of the path to ground for personnel wearing ESD footwear. Statfree CV280 is a hard, flat mat designed for high-traffic areas, under chairs and carts, which can be used in conjunction with existing ESD flooring.

Desco Anti-Static Wrist Straps

Anti-static wrist straps are used to safely ground personnel to prevent the buildup of static electricity on the body in order to eliminate the risk of ESD. Wrist straps are commonly worn by those who work on sensitive electronic equipment to prevent damage to electronics and by those who work around explosives to prevent electric sparks, which could result in explosion.

Desco Anti-Static Heel Straps

Desco anti-static heel straps are constructed with high resistance in mind, and are designed to redirect accumulated charge from personnel.. Heel straps work in tandem with special floor tiles, dissipating electrical charges to the tiles. ESD footwear is used when personnel needs mobility in a work environment that is not conducive to the presence of grounding cables and where explosive or combustible gasses are used.

Desco ESD Wheels & Casters

Dissipation of static electricity is a must for personnel using mobile carts and workstations, so anti-static wheels are needed in work environments where ESD can cause damage to electronic components or ignition of combustible materials. An ESD wheel provides a reliable connection between mobile units and ESD floors, and does not get in the way of mobile operations the way products that utilize grounding chains would. Desco ESD wheels and casters fit most wire shelving and are non-marking on most floors.

About the Author
Janel Online has been supplying the production assembly and electronics manufacturing industries for over 50 years and is a focused distributor of Desco ESD products as well as other top brands like JBC Soldering Tools and Kester Soldering Products.

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