Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring PROMO Sale!

Now until April 19th, Janel Online is offering a site wide promotional sale.  
Customers can now save up to 5% off their entire order.  No purchase minimums required!

Here is an overview of some of our most popular products that you can now save more on:


JBC Soldering Stations - Premium Line

JBC Premium Soldering Stations are some of Janel's best selling JBC solder stations.  Some premium line JBC soldering stations you may be familiar with are the NAST-1A Nano Station to the HD-1B Heavy Duty Station. JBC offers personalization with a menu that allows you to customize up to 20 different parameters for the most optimal performing soldering processes.  

Kester Solder Wire

Janel is the largest woman-owned, single location stocking distributor for Kester Solder products.  We have recently expanded our entire offering of Kester Solder online.  Customers can shop Kester Solder Wire by Leaded Wire or Unleaded, Lead Free Wire.

Kester Leaded Solder Wires come in a variety of options such as no-clean leaded solder wire, rosin mildly activated leaded solder wire, water soluble leaded solder wire, rosin activated leaded solder wire, and solid leaded solder wire. Kester Lead Free Solder Wires also come in multiple variety's. 

To make your shopping process as easy as possible Janel has organized lead-free solder wires into the following options: K100LD lead-free solder wire, rosin activated lead-free solder wire, SAC305 lead-free solder wire, water soluble lead-free solder wire, no-clean lead-free solder wire, rosin mildly activated (RMA) lead-free solder wire, and solid lead-free wire.

Desco ESD Anti Static Bags

Janel has recently teamed up with Desco Industries to offer a one-year promotional special on ESD Shielding Anti-Static Bags. Now customers can save up to 30% off on Desco Statshield Metal-In ESD Bags!  For a full listing of the Desco Static Control Bags that are on sale click on the title link above!

Excelta Tweezers + More Brands

Janel is proud to carry the full Excelta Tweezer Line but one of our favorite products is the Excelta TM-500 Intellitweez. This rechargeable tweezer allows for various types of component testing including secondary components of Dissipation Factor (D) and Quality Factor (Q). The TM-500 is a tweezer that makes it quick and easy to troubleshoot many times of components.

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