Monday, July 29, 2013

Kester NXG1: The Superior Alternative to Leaded Solder Paste

Historically tin-leaded solder has been typically used in joining material in electronics manufacturing. However, due to environmental awareness and health concerns (related to the leaching of lead from land fills into ground water) legislation was developed and a restriction for the use of lead in electronics manufacturing was initiated. 

For this reason, an alternative to leaded solder paste was was researched. Alternatives to leaded paste were both tested and researched and after comprehensive studies- lead-free tin-silver-copper (or SAC) solder paste was voted as the preferred soldering paste for the electronics assembly industry.

With this idea in mind and with the use of superior breakthrough technology, Kester developed it's lead-free soldering paste solution: Kester NXG1 Soldering Paste. Unlike other SAC lead-free, no-clean solder pastes, Kester NXG1 is seen as superior in that it has the widest reflow process window available. NXG1 provides the smoothest and seamless joints of any lead free paste on the market, and the difference from SNpB alloy to lead-free is crystal clear. Additional characteristics outlined below will absolutely make the transition to lead-free easier on users both individual users and contract manufacturers alike.

NXG1 Lead Free Solder Paste Characteristics:

Ultra-low BGA Voiding: Low void performance is a must for most assemblies today reducing rework and costs and improving first pass yields.

Reduced Ball-in-socket Defects: Designed specifically to reduce or fully eliminate the occurrence of ball-in-socket (also known as "head-in-pillow" and "foot-in-mud) defects.

Excellent Printability: Consistent solder paste volume deposits regardless of idle time, stencil life and print speed. This is the most important characteristic of any solder paste, as print volume inconsistency is the top cause of defects in electronic assembly. Excellent print definition and bridging prevention due to its non-slumping chemistry. The solder brick maintains its shape without variation over time. This attribute avoids bridging especially in fine-pitch components, saving the customer from wasting time and money on rework.

Longest Shelf Life: NXG1 has the longest shelf life, at 8 months, of any lead-free, no-clean paste on the market. A longer shelf life will help reduce scrap and waste while allowing for more manageable inventory.

Clear, Probeable Residues: The lightest colored residues of any paste in its class. Increased re-flow temperatures required by lead-free assembly tend to char, darken, and harden post-soldering residues. NXG1 offers best-in-class residue appearance and penetrability making AOI and manual inspection effortless.

For more on this information on Kester NXG1's industry classification, silver chromate paper test, corrosion test, spot test, halide test, reliability amongst all other inclusive data see the Kester Paste guide by clicking here.  

Your project does not end when you stop making it, it ends when it is properly disposed of. 

Kester NXG1 Lead-Free Solder Paste: an environmentally friendly, electronic manufacturing solution. Available in both 500 gram jars and 600 gram cartridges.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Excelta Cutters

Today we're taking a look at Excelta Cutters and some of their features such as cut type, grip, and head shape. Excelta Cutters are available in many different combinations of these options as well as lengths and materials.

Cutter Cut Type

Cut type is determined by the out side angle of the cutting blades. The three different options are semi-flush, maximum flush, and optimum flush. The cutting blades are at a 45 degree angle  with a .010 inch bevel, a 45 degree angle with a .005 inch bevel on a maximum flush cutter, and finally the cutting edges are completely out with no bevel on an optimum flush cutter. The main consideration when choosing what cut type is best for you would be the needs of the application and longevity. A semi-flush cutter will last the longest and be able to complete a greater amount of cuts then both the maximum flush and optimum flush. Optimum flush produces the least amount of total cuts.

Different Cutter Grips

The Three different handle grips available from Excelta on their cutters are molded grips, double-dip grips, and foam cushion grips. All of these grip types are static dissipative.

Various Cutter Head Shapes

Round head shape is the most common head shape due to the fact that their is more metal behind each cut made. This adds to the longevity of the tool and overall durability. Excelta Rounded Head Cutters are available in small round, medium round, and medium tapered also known as relieved head cutter sizes.

Excelta's Lazer Line aka Slimline Cutters

These cutters use the most advanced CNC machining and have induction hardened to 63-65 RHC to produce the best cutter available on the market. Now these cutters have a safety wire catch option. This feature allows the the cutter to cut and hold the lead. This feature helps prevent injury in the work place and has the suffix "-W" on the end of the part number.

Janel supplies every Excelta Cutter available online - click here for more information.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Excelta Vacuum Tools

Excelta Vacuum Tools consist of vacuum cups, probes, and vacuum systems. Excelta's Vacuum Systems are perfect for moving and manipulating wafers, disk media, flat panels, or any item with a flat and hard surface. Janel distributes Excelta Vacuum Systems which are availble in a variety of options. These include, battery powered, electric, pen-vac's, and roto-pic vacuum systems.

High Performance Vacuum System vs Standard Vacuum System

Excelta's 4000-HP is considered to be their top of the line, high performance vacuum system. This high performance system is guaranteed to handle both large and small sized components. It features a precision pump and motor which is capable of handling over 15 inches of mercury. Additionally, this product features an electric eye pen holder which will automatically turn off the unit when the pen vac is placed in it's holder. Additionally, the 4000-HP includes a jack at the rear of the system where an optional foot switch can be used to enhance vacuum control during pick and place operations.

On the other hand, the Excelta 4000-ST is a Standard Vacuum System, similar to the 4000-HP this system is also four stars. However, this vacuum will only generate up to 10 inches of mercury with an open air flow of 2.3 lpm. This is a 5 inch difference in contrast to the Excelta 4000-HP. Additionally, this vacuum features an on and off switch and a power cord - connecting the vacuum to the ground.

Additional, Excelta Vacuum Tools and some of their features are briefly outlined below:

Excelta Roto-Pic Vacuum Systems

Designed to lower manual handling of both chips and wafers.The end rotates 360 degrees so the operator can be aligned with ease. 

Excelta Continuous Vacuum Systems

Designed to be extra compact and handle the majority of electronic components. The Vacuum unit connects to ground automatically with the three wire power cord.

Excelta Pen Vac's

This tool is a ideal for picking up and placing most standard and odd sized SMT components. Pen-Vacs six inch long by half an inch round with a useful rear storage compartment and pocket clip.

Excelta Porta-Wand Vacuum Systems

The rechargeable battery operated vacuum handling tool features a 9.6V detachable rechargeable battery pack. The built-in filters provide performance that surpasses Class 1. 

Excelta Assembly Aids

Excelta manufactures an assortment of Assembly Aids. Some of these aids consist of pin vises, scalpels, spatulas, hemostats, probes, and screwdrivers. Excelta also offers two choices of Excelta Kitsets which consist of both a 4 piece and 11 piece stainless steel probe kit.

Excelta Spatulas

Excelta Spatulas come in both plastic and aluminum handles and the aluminum handled spatulas are ESD safe. Tip sizes range from .010 inch to .025 inches. These spatulas are a great choice for applying conformal coatings when assembling electronic components.

Excelta Probes

Excelta's Probes come in tip sizes of 20 mil, 10 mil, and 1 mil. Also certain tips are designed for magnification and others for general purposes depending on the application. PEEK probes are also available which are perfect for electronics and biochemistry, lead-free soldering, masking agents, rubber latex, and adhesive coatings which make Excelta's PEEK probes a very versatile tool. PEEK probes have a working temperature of 480 degrees Fahrenheit and is electronically conductive.

Excelta Diamond Tip Scribes

Excelta's Diamond Tip Scribes are used to apply fine lines in a variety of materials including silicone, plastic and glass.Then the material can be easily broken at that point with the help of other tools.

Excelta Pin Vises

Excelta's Pin Vises have brass handles and those that are ESD safe have soft foam grip handles. They are all considered to be 3 Star (based on Excelta's ranking system) and come in a variety of lengths. Replacement probes are also available.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What are the Advantages of using Kester Flux when Soldering Components on a PCB?

We recently had a customer ask us what the advantage was for using Kester Flux when soldering components on a PCB. They also wanted to know how flux is supposed to be used. So in case any of our other readers were wondering, we decided to take some time and discuss this topic.

Using Solder Flux on PCBs

For starters, one of the main purposes of Soldering Flux (as well as acting as a surfactant), is that it cleans the oxidized residue off of metal and protects the bar metal during soldering.

Soldering Flux is exceptionally useful as without flux such as Kester Solder Flux, the user would be trying to solder to copper or tin oxide, and the heat would be making the oxide layer thicker as it is a natural of metal when it combines with oxygen in the air. It is often useful to apply extra flux in the application, especially if the user is needing to make a joint quickly - as it reduces the risk of damaging a component. With this said, Kester Flux Pens are often the easiest way to do this - in that a user can simply wipe the flux pen across the area to be joined and then quickly solder.

Additionally, Soldering Flux is considered to be essentially impossible when soldering fine pitch components such as TQFP.

How to Clean Flux from a PCB After Soldering

You can clean your PCB after soldering with Flux Remover (the purer the Isopropyl Alcohol in the Flux Remover, the less chance for less over residue and 99.8% is the purest available) and a brush, cotton or foam swab, or any other soldering cleaning method. Following, use a can of Techspray Pressurized / Compressed Air and blow it dry. However, the best recommendation is to clean the printed circuit boards after manual soldering is to use an ultrasonic machine.

Why Clean with Flux Remover

Essentially the user should remove the Soldering Flux so debris will not stick to the circuit boards later and cause shorts. It also removes splashes of solder and any other residue which then allows the user to see if they left any unwanted debris on the boards. The less left on the board, the better as it reduces the chance for shorts.

What about you? What is your best method to remove solder flux from a PCB?

Monday, July 22, 2013

JBC Soldering Tools Launches New Soldering Cartridges

Earlier this month we announced JBC Soldering Tools had released four new soldering tips. Today, we are excited to announce that they have yet again released four more.

Introducing New JBC Tools Soldering Tips

JBC C120-012 - Similar to the JBC C120-004 soldering cartridge but this NEW tip has a larger tinned surface (5mm in length)

JBC C245-136 - Considered to be JBC's special cartridge for desoldering micro-stick switches. This is the ideal soldering tip for mobile phone repairs

JBC C245-748 - Similar to the JBC C245-747 soldering cartridge this NEW tip also has a bevelled tip. The geometry of this soldering tip allows the user to easily reach difficult to access components

JBC C245-749 - This NEW soldering cartridge is similar to the JBC C245-748 but it has a slight difference in that it offers a bevelled tip. This NEW bevelled soldering tip is designed specifically to use the top portion of the tinned areas.

These soldering cartridges will be available on our eCommerce site soon. In the mean time, feel free to browse additional soldering cartridges by clicking here.

Janel Online is proud to be an Authorized Distributor of JBC Soldering Tools for over 13 years.

Kester Solder Paste NXG33

Kester Solder Paste is available in 8 different formulas. These formulas include Kester NXG33, NXG1, EM907, EP256, EP256HA, EM828, R562, and HM531. Janel is an active distributor of these pastes and is proud to be the single largest, woman's owned stocking distributor for Kester Solder Products. For the next several weeks, we will be taking time to focus on the various Kester Solder Pastes Kester manufactures.

Kester NXG33 Solder Paste

Kester NXG33 is a No-Clean, Lead-free, Halogen-Free solder paste developed for users facing the most technological advanced difficulties in modern electronic assembly challenges. This Kester Solder Paste can successfully print and reflow 01005 components (including with air reflow) and with a minimal graping behavior. NXG33 can handle a wide array of printing variables such as speed of print, lengthy periods of time, as well as large ranges of humidity and temperature fluctuations.

After soldering, this paste will show a reduced amount of defects in comparison to other soldering paste competitors. These reduction of defects may include QFN/BGA and head-in-pillow voiding. Kester NXG33 meets the IPC definition for halogen-free paste and is classified as ROLo per IPC J-STD-004B.

NXG33 Lead-Free Solder Paste Availability

Kester NXG33 Lead-Free Solder Paste is available in two sizes. This Type 4, poweder, with the SAC305 alloy is available in in both a 500 gram jar and a 600 gram cartridge.

Kester 7035050910 - 500 Gram Jar
Kester 7035050911 - 600 Gram Cartridge

Kester Lead-Free Solder Pastes

Kester Solder Pastes in lead-free options are also available in other formulas including the Kester NXG1, EM828, and EM907 formulas. To shop these formulas click here. Kester products are recognized worldwide for their premium quality and Kester prides itself on their dedicated environmental responsibility.

New from Desco ESD: Pink & Grey Statshield ESD Smocks

This month Desco ESD released the newest editions to their Desco Statshield Garment Line. Desco Statshield Grounding Garments are now available in two new colors: Pink and Grey.

Desco Statshield Garments are available in both Jacket length and Labcoat length. Each of these styles feature both snap and cuff options. ESD garments are available in a range of sizes from Extra Small to 6X Large. The newest color editions are now pink and grey and they are currently available in jacket styles only. ESD jackets from Desco are also available in blue, white, teal burgundy, black and a camo pattern.


Desco Statshield ESD protective garments are designed to be anti-static, low tribo-charging, and will offer protection from electrostatic fields generated by clothing on the user's body. using high quality material with a minimum of 9% carbon nylon filament, the smock creates a faraday cage around the torso of the wearer. With this said, static charges generated by the wearer and wearer's clothing will be shielded from ESD susceptible products.

Desco Statshield ESD Jackets & Labcoats Guide

Is available to easily shop these anti-static garments quickly and easily. To find this guide click on the following link: Desco ESD Statshield Garment Guide.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Excelta PB-1 Pocket Beeper Continuity Tester

Excelta offers a variety of Test Equipment. Last week we covered the Excelta TM-500 Rechargeable Intellitweez Meter. Today, we are going to cover the Excelta PB-1 - a four inch pocket beeper continuity tester.

Continuity Tester

Ths PB-1 allows an operator the quick discernment of point-to-point continuity testing by a clear audible tone.

Transistor and Diode Tester

Pocket-beeper analyzes circuit junctions for normality.

The Excelta PB-1 will indicate leakage, a short or open conditions of transistors. Pocket-beeper’s portability, coupled with its self-contained design and rugged case, makes it ideal for production and inspection applications.

Applications include: continuity, rapid in-circuit scanning of transistors and diodes, detects shorts, open and leakage in components. Additionally it shows positive go/no go testing, and also includes field serving and maintenance.

Features include: an automatic power shut-off when not in use, audibility indicates conditions, low power drain for long battery life, will not harm any solid-state device or delicate circuits.

Specifications: Power by 1.5VDC "C" dry cell, probe signal voltage 1.6 volts peak-to-peak, 4" high x 1" deep x " wide, and the weight is a maximum of up to 12 ounces.

To shop all of Excelta's Testing products click here.

Medical Scissors, Lexer Scissors, and Precision Scissors from Excelta Corporation

We have recently taken the time to separate different types of Excelta Scissors on to make your selection process quick and easier. Janel offers a variety of Excelta Scissors including: High Precision Scissors, Large Scissors, Standard Scissors, Kevlar Scissors, and Self-Opening Scissors.

Medical Grade Scissors

Stainless steel with I” Curved blade, 7⁄8” and 1 1⁄4” Curved blades . Ideal for ultra miniature work and in confined areas, close tolerance cutting, delicate applications, and where small strong blades are required. Made in Switzerland.

Lexer Scissors

Excelta's extreme precision Lexer Scissors feature Stainless Steel construction with Tungsten Carbide inserts. These amazing scissors are available in both straight and curved blades and are produced with gold plated handles for easy identification.

Multi-Purpose Extreme Precision Scissors

These Scissors come is both curved and straight blades, small and fine blades , and all of these scissors are made in Japan.


Multi-Purpose Fine Precision Scissors

These have the choice of many different features including:self opening, ergonomic, extra-long lengths, serrated, molded handles, kevlar cutting, chrome plated, and blade angles.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Techspray's Rubber Rejuvenator 1612-2SQ: An Exceptionally Popular Product

Techspray's 1612 Roller, Rubber Rejuvenator is one of janelonline's most popular products. This citrus-based solvent is designed to clean and revitalize rubber rollers and platens. It successfully improves a rubber roller's grip and reduces misfeeds and jams.

Techspray 1612-SSQ

Applications include: electronic repair, the maintenance of office equipment, and plant maintenance. To shop this product click here or to shop the entire Techspray product line click here.

Janel is proud to be an Authorized Distributor of Techspray Products.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Excelta Magnifiers, Eye Loupes, and Inspection Mirrors

Excelta offers a variety of optics which include Eye Lopues, Magnifiers, and Inspection Mirrors.

The Excelta Super Optivisor has a magnifying power of 2.2x and can be used for precise viewing with the added 3.3x power lens. Excelta's superior clear-view lens does not have a center post to increase operator viewing. The shatter-resistant precision optical lens brings the smallest detail up to a larger and sharper image. This unit comes with an adjustable headband that can be worn over regular glasses for ease of use.

Excelta Magna-Lite 

Illuminated Optical Magnifier 5x and 10x power hand held magnifiers have a lens dimension of 1 1⁄4 inch square. Perfect for quality control, inspection personnel, and comes with an unbreakable plastic case for protection.

Excelta Eyeloupes

Used for magnification in assembly and inspection. The two element optical glass construction that brightens and sharpens the focus for optimum clarity. The loupes possess a 360° clear acrylic base to admit light from all directions for a most vast range view and Excelta's five Star quality rating.

Excelta Brushes: Cleanroom Brushes, ESD Safe Brushes, Scratch Brushes + More

Excelta offers a Variety of Brushes and often times selecting the appropriate brush for the right application is a daunting task. For this reason, Janel has outlined several brushes to make the selection process easier.

P Brushes use hog hair bristles which is soft and slightly firm that gradually becomes thinner towards the edges making these brushes useful in a number of different applications. These brushes are also water resistant and can tolerate temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

H Brushes use horse hair bristles are soft and slightly stiff like the hog hair and are mostly used in scratch free applications on a dry surface. These brushes are heat resistant up to 370 degrees Fahrenheit.

N Brushes use nylon bristles which are mush more durable then the horse hair and hog hair brushes. Also these brushes resist solvents, most chemicals, and bacteria. However these bristles only resist temperatures up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Clean room Safe "-N" Brushes use a material called Statigo9 for their bristles. This material is static dissipative acetal which makes them ESD Safe and just durable as nylon but thicker. This enables the operator to use the brush for mechanical work. These bristles are not held together with any adhesives, just like the ESD Safe Brushes, so they will not contaminate the work space.

S Brushes use Stainless steel bristles which are resistant to oxidization and corrosion. This bristle type is also a great choice for both wet and dry applications

Excelta also offers Cleanroom Brushes & ESD Safe Brushes

To browse more Excelta Brushes click on the provided link here.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Discontinuation of Kester Liquid Flux Pens in Mid-August

Kester will be no longer be manufacturing their liquid flux pen line starting August 16th 2013, Buy them at Janel Online while supplies last!

Kester Flux Pens to Be Discontinued

Kester 83-1000-0186 (186 RMA Formula)
Kester 83-1000-0951 (951 OA Formula)
Kester 83-1001-0952 (952-S No-Clean Formula)
Kester 83-1004-0985 (985M No-Clean Formula)
Kester 83-1018-0186 (186-18 RMA Formula)
Kester 83-1020-0959 (959T No-Clean Formula)
Kester 83-1046-0952 (952-D6 No-Clean Formula)
Kester 83-1097-2331 (2331-ZX OA Formula)

We currently have these flux pens in stock and will be stocking up on them to be able to supply our customers. However, should you miss out on purchasing Kester liquid flux pens for any reason - Techspray will be offering a pen to cross reference several Kester flux pens.

Techspray Flux Pen Cross Reference Guide

Techspray 2507-N (No-Clean Formula) Kester 83-1001-0952, 83-1004-0985, 83-1020-0959, 83-1046-0952 Crosses

Techspray crosses will not be available for Kester 83-1000-0186, 83-1000-0951, 83-1018-0186, and 83-1097-2331

Additional Techspray Board Repair Pens

Additionally, let's take this opportunity to introduce several other Techspray TraceTech Pens:
TraceTech Conductive Pen 2505-N
TraceTech Flux Remover Pen 2506-N
TraceTech Green Overcoat Pen 2509-GN
TraceTech Conformal Coating Remover Pen 2510-N

Monday, July 15, 2013

Excelta Angled Cutters

While Excelta manufacturers a variety of cutter tools, for the purpose of this blog post we'd like to zero in on a very popular shape of Excelta Cutters: Angled Head Cutters.

Excelta Carbon Steel Angled Cutters

Excelta Carbon Steel Angulated cutters come in both maximum flush and fine tip, optimum flush varieties. Additionally these cutters, are available in both long and standard handle sized options.

Excelta Angulated Maximum Flush Carbon Steel Cutters with long handles include the Excelta:
7104E - 6" long, cutting capacity .003" - .025"
7172E - 5.25" long, cutting capacity .005" - .032"
7175E - 6" long, cutting capacity .001" - .018"
7182E - 6" long, cutting capacity .003" - .025"

Those that include a standard sized handle are as the following: 
7204E - 5.25" long, cutting capacity .003" - .025"
7272E - 5.25" long, cutting capacity .005" - .032"
7275E - 5.0" long, cutting capacity .001" - .018"
7282E - 5.25" long, cutting capacity .003" - .025"

Finally, the Angulated Fine Tip, Optimum Flush Carbon Steel Cutter with a long handle is known a the Excelta:
7183E - 6.0" long, cutting capacity .001" - .010"

Excelta Tungsten Alloy Flush Cutter

On the other hand, Excelta also offers a premium, Angulated, Maximum Flush Cutter known as Excelta 7282EH. This cutter features a standard sized handle of 5" and offers a cutting capacity of .003" - .007". Unlike the cutters that are made of Carbon Steel, this cutter offers the user ease in cutting exceptionally hard wires. Tungsten Alloy material allows this as it is made from a special blend of tungsten cobalt, vanadium, and chromium. This cutter is manufactured with a unique heat treating process which transforms it into an exceptionally hard material - able to cut tough edges without difficulty. (66/68 rockwell "C").

To shop all of these cutters visit us on our Excelta Angled Head Cutters page today.

JBC Soldering NANT-1B Nano Soldering Station: The Newsest JBC Tools Edition

The JBC NAST-1B (formerly known as the JBC NAST-1A) was one of JBC's most popular Rework Stations. With this in mind, JBC recently released the NANT-1B - which includes not just one, but two soldering irons. This latest edition from JBC is guaranteed to leave NANO fan's extremely pleased.

JBC Tools NANO Soldering

The NANT NANO Soldering Station is designed for the highest precision soldering in mind. This station incorporates the same control unit as the JBC NAST-1B (120V) but comes with TWO NT105-A Nano Soldering Irons (instead of soldering tweezers -included in the JBC NAST model).

JBC NT105-A Soldering Irons

These JBC handpieces are considered the best solution for very small-sized SMD components such as chips (0402, 0201, 01005) or those that require a microscope. These soldering irons are exceptionally light in weight which allows for comfort while in use. While they are light and small in size, they will provide up to 15 watts of power (while using C105 soldering tips).

NANO Control Unit

Like all JBC soldering stations, the JBC NANT/NANO control unit incorporates the exclusive JBC heating system and the intelligent sleep and hibernation functions. The digital menu allows the user to personalize over 20 specific parameters with ease.


Includes the NAST control unit, two NT105-A NANO soldering irons, 6 soldering cartridge tips (JBC C105-101, C105-103, C105-105, C105-107, C105-112, C105-113), 0011806 cartridge extractors, JBC CL6230 metallic brush, and the JBC CL6210 brass wool.

Additionally, this JBC rework station also comes in 230V and 100V versions. For the 230V version (JBC NANT-2B) visit us at For, the 100V (JBC NANT-9B) version please contact us today.

To shop the complete JBC Soldering Line (including these stations) click here.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Excelta's Intellitweeze TM-500 Rechargeable R-C-L Meter

The Excelta TM-500 Intellitweeze Rechargeable Meter is designed for quick and easy testing and troubleshooting of many types of off board components and one of the key benefits is the ability to identify and measure with the use of only one hand.

These units quickly measure resistance, capacitance, inductance, continuity, and polarity. The primary display shows resistance, capacitance, and inductance while the secondary display shows the other measurements requested. Additionally, the bar graph shows an analog indication of the measure input. When measuring continuity, the beeper for resistance below the threshold or during a momentary open circuit. In order to measure diode polarity the TM-500 measures with more superior accuracy than that of the TM-150. The unit weights 1.9 oz and has a rechargeable and replaceable battery that will run for about 80 hours.

The newer version the came to market in 2012 has a few extra features that make this amazing tool even better and those features include: an improved LiPO Battery and USB / Wall adapter for the user's charging convenience.

The Excelta TM-500 Intellitweeze is one of Janel Online's most popular sold items. To shop this item click here.

Friday, July 12, 2013

New Menda Pump Flux Remover Bottles in Yellow, Blue, Orange, and Green Colors

Menda Pump has Recently released New Flux Remover Bottles in Multiple Colors - All Available in 6 oz Sizes

HDPE durAstatic bottles are dissipative and are designed to protect your static sensitive printed circuitry, these bottles contain no migratory additives - which reduce the chance for contamination from the bottle. Flux Remover labeled bottles are embossed with an ESD protective symbol, and are available in gree, blue, orange, and yellow colors.

Plastic Flux Remover Bottles

The latest Menda releases include the following part numbers: Menda 35990 (Blue), Menda 35991 (Yellow), Menda 35592 (Green), and Menda 35993 (Orange)

Plastic Flux Remover Bottles with Pump

Menda has also released an additional four bottles. These bottles are available in the same colors and sizes as the previously mentioned - however, they also include the Menda One-Touch Dispensing Pump. This Flux Dispensing Pump (used for many other chemicals) dispenses approximately 2cc of liquid per pump. With the Menda One-Touch Pump there is an opening in the center of the dish to allow the liquid (in this case flux) to seep back down into the bottle. It is designed as a "dish-type" and allows for one-handed operation.


All Menda Flux Dispensing Bottles are Made in the United States of America and Menda accepts no substitutes.

To shop Menda Flux Dispensing Bottles and other Pump Dispensers click on the links provided. *Additionally, to ensure compatibility with the Menda Flux Dispensing Bottles (6 oz) - pumps that offer a 6 oz stem should be selected.