Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Excelta Assembly Aids

Excelta manufactures an assortment of Assembly Aids. Some of these aids consist of pin vises, scalpels, spatulas, hemostats, probes, and screwdrivers. Excelta also offers two choices of Excelta Kitsets which consist of both a 4 piece and 11 piece stainless steel probe kit.

Excelta Spatulas

Excelta Spatulas come in both plastic and aluminum handles and the aluminum handled spatulas are ESD safe. Tip sizes range from .010 inch to .025 inches. These spatulas are a great choice for applying conformal coatings when assembling electronic components.

Excelta Probes

Excelta's Probes come in tip sizes of 20 mil, 10 mil, and 1 mil. Also certain tips are designed for magnification and others for general purposes depending on the application. PEEK probes are also available which are perfect for electronics and biochemistry, lead-free soldering, masking agents, rubber latex, and adhesive coatings which make Excelta's PEEK probes a very versatile tool. PEEK probes have a working temperature of 480 degrees Fahrenheit and is electronically conductive.

Excelta Diamond Tip Scribes

Excelta's Diamond Tip Scribes are used to apply fine lines in a variety of materials including silicone, plastic and glass.Then the material can be easily broken at that point with the help of other tools.

Excelta Pin Vises

Excelta's Pin Vises have brass handles and those that are ESD safe have soft foam grip handles. They are all considered to be 3 Star (based on Excelta's ranking system) and come in a variety of lengths. Replacement probes are also available.

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