Friday, July 19, 2013

Excelta PB-1 Pocket Beeper Continuity Tester

Excelta offers a variety of Test Equipment. Last week we covered the Excelta TM-500 Rechargeable Intellitweez Meter. Today, we are going to cover the Excelta PB-1 - a four inch pocket beeper continuity tester.

Continuity Tester

Ths PB-1 allows an operator the quick discernment of point-to-point continuity testing by a clear audible tone.

Transistor and Diode Tester

Pocket-beeper analyzes circuit junctions for normality.

The Excelta PB-1 will indicate leakage, a short or open conditions of transistors. Pocket-beeper’s portability, coupled with its self-contained design and rugged case, makes it ideal for production and inspection applications.

Applications include: continuity, rapid in-circuit scanning of transistors and diodes, detects shorts, open and leakage in components. Additionally it shows positive go/no go testing, and also includes field serving and maintenance.

Features include: an automatic power shut-off when not in use, audibility indicates conditions, low power drain for long battery life, will not harm any solid-state device or delicate circuits.

Specifications: Power by 1.5VDC "C" dry cell, probe signal voltage 1.6 volts peak-to-peak, 4" high x 1" deep x " wide, and the weight is a maximum of up to 12 ounces.

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