Thursday, July 11, 2013

More Solder Solutions from JBC Tools: New Models of JBC Soldering Tips

The Wide Range of JBC Cartridges Has Been Extended

JBC Tools has recently released four new models of soldering tips. Three of these soldering tips are designed for soldering cables and connections.

JBC C245-761

This is the bent version of the cartridge C245-061, which has a screwdriver shape. The design of this soldering tip allows the user to reach components that the straight version (C245-061) cannot.

JBC C245-762

This JBC C245 series soldering cartridge is ideal for soldering cables of cylindrical pieces of up to 9 mm in diameter

JBC C245-763

This C245 soldering tip is specially designed (thus, considered one of JBC's C245 Special Series tips) it is designed specifically for soldering cables and connections up to 2.5 mm in diameter. Additionally, this soldering tip is very similiar to the JBC C245-760.

JBC C470-043

Finally, the 4th addition to JBC Soldering Series is a C470 cartridge. This is the recommended solution for soldering cables of 1 mm in diameter (max). It is additionally an appropriate option for soldering rows of pins of 1 mm (max) up to a total length of 10 mm (which is the also the size of the tip width).

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