Monday, July 22, 2013

New from Desco ESD: Pink & Grey Statshield ESD Smocks

This month Desco ESD released the newest editions to their Desco Statshield Garment Line. Desco Statshield Grounding Garments are now available in two new colors: Pink and Grey.

Desco Statshield Garments are available in both Jacket length and Labcoat length. Each of these styles feature both snap and cuff options. ESD garments are available in a range of sizes from Extra Small to 6X Large. The newest color editions are now pink and grey and they are currently available in jacket styles only. ESD jackets from Desco are also available in blue, white, teal burgundy, black and a camo pattern.


Desco Statshield ESD protective garments are designed to be anti-static, low tribo-charging, and will offer protection from electrostatic fields generated by clothing on the user's body. using high quality material with a minimum of 9% carbon nylon filament, the smock creates a faraday cage around the torso of the wearer. With this said, static charges generated by the wearer and wearer's clothing will be shielded from ESD susceptible products.

Desco Statshield ESD Jackets & Labcoats Guide

Is available to easily shop these anti-static garments quickly and easily. To find this guide click on the following link: Desco ESD Statshield Garment Guide.

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