Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Discontinuation of Kester Liquid Flux Pens in Mid-August

Kester will be no longer be manufacturing their liquid flux pen line starting August 16th 2013, Buy them at Janel Online while supplies last!

Kester Flux Pens to Be Discontinued

Kester 83-1000-0186 (186 RMA Formula)
Kester 83-1000-0951 (951 OA Formula)
Kester 83-1001-0952 (952-S No-Clean Formula)
Kester 83-1004-0985 (985M No-Clean Formula)
Kester 83-1018-0186 (186-18 RMA Formula)
Kester 83-1020-0959 (959T No-Clean Formula)
Kester 83-1046-0952 (952-D6 No-Clean Formula)
Kester 83-1097-2331 (2331-ZX OA Formula)

We currently have these flux pens in stock and will be stocking up on them to be able to supply our customers. However, should you miss out on purchasing Kester liquid flux pens for any reason - Techspray will be offering a pen to cross reference several Kester flux pens.

Techspray Flux Pen Cross Reference Guide

Techspray 2507-N (No-Clean Formula) Kester 83-1001-0952, 83-1004-0985, 83-1020-0959, 83-1046-0952 Crosses

Techspray crosses will not be available for Kester 83-1000-0186, 83-1000-0951, 83-1018-0186, and 83-1097-2331

Additional Techspray Board Repair Pens

Additionally, let's take this opportunity to introduce several other Techspray TraceTech Pens:
TraceTech Conductive Pen 2505-N
TraceTech Flux Remover Pen 2506-N
TraceTech Green Overcoat Pen 2509-GN
TraceTech Conformal Coating Remover Pen 2510-N

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