Thursday, August 1, 2013

Excelta Pliers Available in Various Shapes Sizes and Materials

Excelta Pliers are manufactured with a large variety  for electronics repair and mechanical work. Precise jaw alignment and available ergonomic handles ensure the right tool for the job regardless of the application.

Excelta 700 Series Medium Head Pliers

These Stainless Steel Pliers have Ultra Precision and are professional grade. These pliers have several unique features including lap joints, Standard ESD-Safe molded grips are standard, Polished hand finished jaws, induction hardened tips, and are made in the USA.

Excelta Round Nose Pliers

Excelta Round Nose Pliers is mostly used for wire bending and wrapping. Both jaws are round and taper to a fine point at the tips which make them useful in areas with minimal space to work.

Excelta "S" Handle Series Pliers

Made of Stainless Steel and Have Ergonomic "S" Handles with Soft Foam Cushion Grips. These handles help reduce muscle fatigue and improve operator output.

Excelta Bent Nose Pliers

Excelta Bent Nose Pliers are preferred by some over chain nose pliers due to the fact that bent jaws provide better access in tight areas. This is especially true when the plier is being used to tuck away wire ends.

Excelta Flat Nose Pliers

Excelta Flat Nose Pliers are Useful for a variety of tasks, including bending angles in wires and holding small components. Both jaws are perfectly flat with a rectangular cross section.

Excelta Miniature (Micro) Pliers

Excelta Micro Pliers of Stainless Steel with precision cutting blades that are Self-Opening for ease of use. These Pliers are ideal for situations where not much room is available to manipulate parts.

Excelta Plieres are available in various star graded standards to shop all Excelta pliers visit our Excelta store by clicking here

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