Tuesday, January 7, 2014

NEW: Automatic Soldering Tip Cleaner JBC CLMB-1A

Introducing the JBC CLMB-1A Automatic Tip Cleaning System that immediately starts to clean the moment you insert your soldering tip into the machine!

Available in Mid-January the JBC CLMB-A is an automated tip cleaning system.  This system consists of two brass brushes that will automatically start cleaning when the soldering tip is detected by JBC's innovative photoelectric sensor.  This automatic operation allows the soldering user to solder and clean with ease.  Additionally, safety is a concern while soldering - which is why JBC developed the CLMB to include a splash guard to ensure material does not splash off the tip onto unwanted areas.

The tip cleaning system includes two brass cleaning brushes, however, JBC also has developed silver nickel options to suit your specific selection and needs.

You can find more information on our site for how to purchase this latest JBC Soldering Tools release.  

Monday, January 6, 2014

Announcing the ALL NEW JBC C245 Special Soldering Tip Series!

Announcing new soldering tips from JBC Tools: The New C245 Special Series, designed specifically to make your soldering jobs easier.

JBC New C245 soldering tips have been released specifically for SMD soldering or through hold-components.  The new series consists of four new soldering cartridges which include the JBC C245-764, C245-765, C245-766, and the C245-767.

The JBC C245-764 is a special soldering tip (compliant with the T245 soldering hand piece) designed specifically for reaching joints on fine-pitch, high density connectors.  Additionally, this soldering cartridge features a rounded tip.

The JBC C245-765 is a soldering cartridge knife that is less sharp that it's similar version (JBC C245-939) and this soldering tip is designed specifically to keep solder close to the edge of the tip.

The JBC C245-766 is the third latest release of JBC's special series soldering tips.  This soldering cartridge has an exceptionally large surface area and beveled tip to make soldering large surfaces quicker and easier.

The JBC C245-767 is a special cartridge for through hold grad soldering.  This soldering tip is 12 mm in length (and is similar to the JBC C245-751 soldering tip).  It is used specifically for drag soldering with high profile components.

All of these series are compliant with the JBC T245 Soldering Iron.  To shop the complete JBC Soldering Line click here or for further special series tips click here.