Monday, August 1, 2016

How to Get Rid of Static Electricity: ACL Staticide Inc., Antistatic Control Spray

Get Rid of Unwanted Static Electricity with ACL Staticide Anti-Stat Static Control Spray

Tired of unwanted static electricity? We have the solution. ACL Anti-Static Sprays. Depending upon the surface that you're trying to reduce static electricity on, depends on the ACL Staticide Inc. formula. Today in this blog post we will discuss two brilliant formulas: General Purpose Staticide and Heavy Duty Staticide.

General Purpose Staticide Spray ACL 2003

ACL 2003 is general purpose Staticide.  This anti-static spray is the perfect solution for non-porous surfaces, or surfaces made of clear high gloss materials. This static control spray can be used on all work surfaces, trays, tote bags, PC boards, plastics, dip tubes, components, storage bins, carriers, packaging, film, and hard floors.

Heavy Duty Staticide Spray ACL 2005

ACL 2005 is the long lasting solution for high friction and high porous surfaces surfaces. Staticide can be applied by spraying, wiping, dipping, transfer roller coating, graveur coating or flexographic printing. ACL 2003 features a trigger sprayer, making it easy to apply to static electric prone surfaces. It is a proprietary water-based formula consisting of several quaternary compounds. The heavy duty spray is specifically used for treating carpets, chairs, clothing, conveyor belts, totes and work surfaces with heavy use. Every Staticide topical solution is proven to be effective in relative humidity below 15 percent. If material is porous or absorbent, use Regular Heavy Duty ACL 2005.

Customers love and I mean, LOVE this stuff. In an online review from February 23, 2015, a customer explained her static control experience, "I struggle with static build-up on my office chair... it's a fabric covered seat... and after awhile my sliding on and off the chair, a strong static charge is created. This stuff is magic - just a few squirts and spread evenly around with a paper towel, and viola no more static for at least a month! The smell is basically non-existent and it doesn't leave a residue like those aerosol static releasers tend to do."

Other customers have explained, that a little bit goes a long way. Which is great, because you can save so much in comparison to brands such as Static Guard.

Check it out today at Janel Inc. | Janel Online - an authorized distributor of ACL Staticide Inc. products. We specialize in ESD, anti-static products and materials.

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