Friday, August 5, 2016

JBC Tools Soldering Equipment: Compact Line Soldering Stations

JBC Soldering Stations - Top Quality Soldering

What can you expect from top quality soldering stations like the JBC Tools range? Among the solder industry, JBC Tools is known to manufacture the leading, high-technology stations. JBC Stations will reach 662 degrees Fahrenheit (350 degrees Celcius) in only two seconds. JBC soldering stations work with the JBC exclusive heating system, which recovers tip temperature extremely quickly. This in turn, increases work efficiency and allows the user to work with lower temperatures. Additionally, stations feature a useful sleep and hibernation mode which drop the temperature when the tool is not in use. This feature is not only useful, but also resourceful as the soldering tip life will last up to 5 times longer. Depending upon the application you require, users can choose from over 400 models of cartridges. Each cartridge varies in shape and size; which ensures an efficient temperature control and performance. Speaking of cartridges, JBC Tools stations feature a "quick extractor" which allows the operator to change cartridges more efficiently and safely. Users love this feature because it saves them time and increases productivity.

The station is designed to suit the operators work position and the anti-splash membrane prevents solar particles on the work area, keeping in clean. Finally, the JBC system allows you to configure and manage your stations remotely. On a computer desktop, users can update the stations software, create graphs of the soldering process, and manage your monitor to a maximum of 20 personalized parameters.

But What's the Difference Between JBC Tools Compact Soldering Stations?

The JBC Compact Line features six soldering stations all of which are designed to work with one handpiece. The Compact Line includes three soldering stations: the JBC CD-1SE, CD-1BE and CA-1E. As well as three rework stations: JBC CP-1E, CV-1E, and CS-9E. But please note, these numbers are constantly changing, so it's important to check back often, as our team at Janel is continually doing our best to update our JBC customers of the latest changes and improvements to the JBC brand.

The CD-S is a soldering station for precision electronic applications. It works with the lightest and most ergonomic soldering iron, the T210 (which uses all T210 cartridges). Additionally, users can connect any T245 hand piece to the C245 cartridge range.

The CD-B is a soldering station with the JBC advanced system for general electronic applications. The JBC CD-1BE works with the T245 soldering handpiece (which uses all T245 soldering cartridges). Additionally, users can connect any T210 handpiece with the C210 cartridge range.

The CA-1E is a soldering station for intensive jobs which require you to have a free hand. The CA works with the comfortable, AP250-A, solder feed iron handpiece (which uses all C250 cartridges).

The CP-1E is a soldering and desoldering station for small and medium SMD components. The CP compact line soldering station works with the PA120 microtweezers (which uses all C210 cartridges).

The CV-1E is a micro-desoldering station using compressed air for precision electronic applications. The CV micro-desoldering station works with the MV-A pneumatic pump, the D360 microdesoldering iron (which uses all C360 cartridges).

The CS-9E is a desoldering station with an electric pump and JBC Advanced system for precision electronic applications. The CS soldering station is equipped with the MS-A electric pump and works with the DS360 micro-desoldering iron (which uses all 360 cartridges).

Should you need any further assistance about any JBC Tools Compact Line soldering station, feel free to contact us. Alternatively, you can ask about our free JBC 30 day trial; and see the advantages of top quality soldering with JBC equipment.

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